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Dish Spotlight: Bone-in Alaskan Halibut

At Lettuce Entertain You, the health and safety of our guests and employees have always been at the core of everything we do. Since our beginning in 1971, Rich Melman understood the importance of a safe and welcoming environment and the role, it plays in the success of a restaurant.

As Joe’s begins the process to reopen slowly and safely for limited dine-in services, we are taking precautions to ensure you remain confident in dining with us and feel safe in how we operate our restaurant. The health and safety of our guests and employees always comes first. We have always been here, ready to provide our guests with a dining experience they can trust, and our employees with a workplace they can be proud of. We are ready to welcome our guests with the same level of service, food quality, and atmosphere that they have always enjoyed.

Dine-in services will remain at 50% capacity. Masks are worn by all employees at all times, and we will maintain thorough sanitation procedures and continuous hand washing. 

As we put into place our new health and safety guidelines, we realize that we are living in a time of great change. Our ability to accept change will move us forward. We will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to our procedures and protocols.

As we look ahead, we are excited about moving forward, together.

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Springtime almost always guarantees a few things: warmer weather, flowers in bloom, more sunshine, and…Alaskan Halibut Season! At Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab we make a holiday out of halibut season and while the season runs until November, it’s the beginning of it that we’re most excited about, as the Alaskan Halibut is at its peak flavor.


Prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm, flaky meat, Alaskan Halibut is one of the most popular fish dishes served at Joe’s. Offered as a T-bone cut, Joe’s lets the fish speak for itself with simple seasonings of lemon pepper and lemon olive oil before it gets a quick broil in the oven. And, just in case you were wondering, in addition to being delicious and with few bones, it’s also an excellent source of amino-acid rich protein and minerals, and is low in sodium, fat and calories.


This insanely flavor-packed fish comes to us through the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, an organization that oversees the Alaskan waters and is considered one of the best in the world in oceanic regulation and conservation. Diligent in their conservation efforts of halibut, they have implemented fishing regulations for the winter months to ensure the halibut can continually be sustainably caught year-after-year.